Services What Do We Do?

Elkafoury Trading is specialized in supplying:

  • Carbon Brushes for Industrial and Railway Application:
  • We are looking for manufacturers and suppliers for : railroad signal equipment, safety devices, communication services, train control systems and electronics.

    We are also looking for manufacturers and suppliers for magnetic tickets for metro.

  • Field of application for commutator machines:
    • Diesel electric generators.
    • A.C. and D.C. rail traction motors.
    • D.C. underground ra
  • Brush – holders from all types:
    • Pantographs.
    • Carbon contact strips for electric traction units.
    • Carbon current collector.
    • Flexible current connectors.
  • Bearing and seal technology:
    • For Dry running.
    • For Wet running.
    • Bearing for pumps and industrial equipment.
  • High quality electrical, electronical components and mechanical locomotive parts. (EMD, GE, ALCO and GM) Contactors - Relays Switches - Panels Interlocks - Coils Valves - Resistors Gaskets, Housing, covers - Bearing Voltage regulators

High performance parts are currently in service in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Elkafoury Trading can give your used parts a new lease on life: Our supplier has mastered the art of giving your used parts a new lease on life. All the repaired parts are covered by a complete manufacturing guarantee.